Let’s Be Clear: We Still Have the Same Feelings We’ve Always Had.

It’s not you. It’s us.

Well, uh, you see, when we first rolled out ShowMojo PHONE it was more of a fling. It was just wild and fun. We didn’t know it would get serious.

And we were young and still so interested in other things. Listing Site Auto-RepliesDocument Verification. Screening Restrictors. Dynamic Prospect Notifications. Pre-Marketing. Listing Performance Reporting. The HeatMap. CodeBoxes. CodeBox Junior. Yeah, we got around.

But we never gave you the ability to manage ShowMojo PHONE on your own terms. We created this uneasy co-dependence thing where you had to email us for every update. And then, when we didn’t hear from you for a while, we got worried. Did you get home safe? Did we say something wrong? Were you hanging out with some other cheap tramp knockoff? It was bad mojo. And we’re sorry about that.

But we’ve reflected and reformed. Honest. Because as of this morning all your ShowMojo PHONE updates are readily available from the General Settings page.

  • Choose between the classic greeting, a pre-recorded human greeting, or your custom greeting
  • Record and upload your own new greeting
  • Set up and change the live answer settings
  • Update the voicemail settings, or turn voicemail off completely

It’s just like things always should have been. And you simply don’t need us for it any more. It’s ok. We’re a survivor.

Team ShowMojo


P.S. One other minor update announcement to help stop no shows. All Showing Details emails to prospects now include a calendar invite. Let’s see if that helps bounce them out of bed.