What Are Our Customers Saying?

“I love love LOVE ShowMojo, this system is incredible to say the least.

Jenny Baxter, Ancora Properties

“ShowMojo helps our company spend more of our resources handling the day-to-day business of property management rather than answering phones and making appointments. The follow-ups have been helpful also.”

Cindy Parker, Real Estate Eight Three One

“We have had a really great experience with ShowMojo. I am really pleased with your customer service. A few months ago we had some phone issues and had to get someone from Support assist us and the ShowMojo Support person stayed on the phone with us for almost three hours to ensure we fixed the issue and understood everything. That really amazed me.”

Alex King, Real Property Management Baton Rouge

“We are so thrilled with your service. I will say anything anytime!”

Nicole Toye, Arthur Thomas Properties

“You have amazing customer service!”

Vicki May, Beyond Properties

“We love ShowMojo, it has been absolutely fantastic! It’s true … the program rocks and so does the Customer Service!”

Debra Fisher, Compass Property Management

“The system is just what the doctor ordered.”

Daniel J. Brainard, Brainard Realty

“I am very very impressed with the new phone product from Showmojo. ?As a property manager, I am very very busy and when I cannot answer the phone, I know I lose clients. ?The phone feature has allowed my clients to get a text message with more information on the property real time. ?I love that they can call at 1AM and still schedule a showing if they want to. ?Between this product and the online product, roughly 50% of our showings come after hours. ?Thanks for getting me all signed up, Peter!”

Jon Smith, Simple Home Management

“We are a property management firm that manages around 60 properties. We have been using ShowMojo for nearly a year and we are extremely happy. Our rental process has become more orginized, productive and streamlined. Also, using ShowMojo has reduced the time to rent our properties from 60 to 45 days. That’s a huge savings for us and we couldn’t have done it without ShowMojo.

Furthermore, using ShowMojo has given us the ability to track out showings, get statistics and better control our showing schedule. We love ShowMojo and highly recommend it to anyone who manages rental properties.”

Marina Schlomov, Atlanta Legacy Homes

“You guys are great! Thank you!!”

Evelyn D. Milton, Property Executives

“Here is the problem: you are a great company and I want to share ShowMojo and our experience with everyone, but then we lose our competitive edge. Your service is hands down the best compared to other cloud service providers. Your product has decreased no shows to only 2% and the automation of leads and responding to them has lifted a huge load. You better never go out of business!!”

Wolfgang Croskey, Bruce Croskey Real Estate

“Reduced no-shows is by far the best benefit. “

Bob Kyle, OKC Homes 4 You

“I am loving the Show Mojo service! I like that Show Mojo answers all the email and phone calls. Books/ schedules showings in the times that I make available.”

Naomi Nowland-Kenyon, Nowland-Kenyon Properties LLC

“Your company has been great since our first contact. Thank You!”

Matt Kellond, Tedarla Properties

“You have great email support. Most companies give you insufficient answers or don’t answer the question asked – they answer something else. You guys are always on the money.”

Peter Pasquale Fox Property Management

“ShowMojo has drastically cut down our call volume as well as no-shows at our showings. Support has also been great and quick to respond when I have a question.”

Shawn Johnson, Independence Capital, LLC

“ShowMojo was a complete game changer for me. As a one-woman show, ShowMojo allows me to have homes shown at times that I am not available. It has not only freed up my time, but is also much cheaper than hiring someone to show properties. The process is secure, and I love the integration with CodeBox. It makes it so streamlined and simple.”

Andrea Mayer, Smart Move Property Management

“I love it! I give it two thumbs up!”

Chad Heard, Auben Realty

“Thanks for the great service you provide! We truly don t know how we did it before you came along.”

Kimberly Evans, Alpha Real Estate

“Thank you and we LOVE using ShowMojo and working with tech support. We wish all of the companies were as good and responsive as you!”

Maggie Rickard, Habitation Realty

“ShowMojo has helped us rent homes faster and reduce payroll.”

Michael Collins, Collins Property Managers

“Your app is making my life 10x easier, at least.? It?s really working out for me.”

Matthew Herman, Downtownian.com

“I, for one, welcome our new ShowMojo overlords.”

Adam Compton, Omyra Inc.

“ShowMojo has the best customer service we’ve had with any company.”

Krystle Liles, Terra Residential

“We love every single thing that ShowMojo does! Every new feature that’s rolled out is something we’ve talked about on our office ‘wish list’, and then BOOM! — ShowMojo sends an email that says they do it! Like reading our minds.”

Melanie J. Butler, Chattanooga Property Management

“ShowMojo did a great job with my first listing and I would like to sign up for a one year plan.”

Cedric Fischer, Town Property Management

“ShowMojo is one of the very best investments that we have made.”

Daniel Madison, 4M Property Solutions, LLC

“Easy to use website. Great service!”

Prospective Renter (Stone Mountain, GA)

“ShowMojo is truly a class act! We thoroughly enjoy your software and the continuous improvements you make. And your customer service is next to none. Thanks for all you do for your customers. Keep up the amazing work!”

Tami Sturridge JTS Property Solutions

“Made showings much easier. Reduced call volume. Deceased number of no-shows. Also lets us prequalify and not show to unqualified tenants plus much more.”

Jared Hastey, Rental Property Professionals

“ShowMojo is great! They have been on top of any ticket requests that we have submitted. Their platform is user friendly and easy to use.”

Megan Morrison, Deca Realty Company

“I’m absolutely in love with your product! I was able to figure out everything I needed to do on my own and the potential tenants are loving being able to schedule showings online.”

J. Perry, Perry Davis Real Estate

“I have been thrilled with the service and experience. Thank you ShowMojo Team.?

Fernon Meeks, Wellspring Capital

?ShowMojo has really assisted us in adding custom features that most companies probably do not need.?

Travis Sherley, Boutique Apartments

“I really do love it. ShowMojo has saved me a lot of time and money and has allowed me to be more productive. ShowMojo is a great business tool that allows me to do what I do best!”

Steve Marks, Renters Warehouse

“Online scheduling was smooth and easy. No need to play phone tag with people. Just get online and schedule.”

Prospective Renter (Chicago, IL)

“I still get daily feedback from our agents telling me how much they love ShowMojo.”

Tyler Baughn, Home Encounter

“It made it easy and accessible from my cell phone! Thanks!!”

Prospective Renter (Scranton, PA)

“I love ShowMojo ? I have been telling all of my colleagues at RPM about your service and recommending you before you were a preferred vendor.”

Paul White, Real Property Management East San Gabriel Valley

“This is perfect!!!! It lines up very well on my website. Your service is heaven sent!!!”

Anita Hale, Professional Property Management Services

“We love ShowMojo! It’s an amazing help to us.”

Carla Howell, Grace Property Management & Real Estate

“Our leasing department used to feel and operate like a call center. We were on the phones all day, screening and scheduling showings. With ShowMojo we are able to devote our time to providing excellent customer service in the field and in person with current and potential residents.”

Debra Hawkins, Compass Leasing Services

“We could not have doubled our managed property count in a two year period (500+ units) without the capacity ShowMojo created for our business. We’ve been able to leverage our existing workforce to do more with this technology, and to provide a better customer experience at the same time. Customers love the flexibility to see homes on their schedule, and we love having it continue working for the business even after we’ve left the office. Automated data tracking allows for fast references when making decisions on price adjustments, or responding to owner inquiries. Showing feedback also helps gauge the market for each individual home. Easy to use customization features allow us to satisfy varying levels of owner comfort utilizing self-showing technology. Can’t say enough about the time and corresponding dollars saved with ShowMojo.”

Adam Hinman, Vision Realty and Management

“Your site has been a savior for us. We used to have three people answering the phones, but this saves so much time. We cut down on so many scheduling calls. It’s a really well thought out platform.”

Melanie Van De Grift, Ritan Property Group

“Man I gotta tell you  you guys are the best”

Blake Pierce, Riverside Realty

“We really love ShowMojo so far, and we’re really happy with the automation – from contacting them to scheduling tours and to nurturing each lead – we virtually don’t have to do anything but sit back and wait.”

Karen Stodomingo, Astro Housing

“Using ShowMojo scheduling and CodeBox lockboxes has made a significant positive impact on us. It is a great time saver and has helped to get properties leased faster. Thank you, thank you ShowMojo!”

Kimberly Fairbrother, Rossmoyne Property Management

“The software has helped my company grow efficiently. Strongly recommended!”

Greg Van Der Jagt, Denver Property Management

“Streamlined our showing process and cut down dramatically on our phone calls freeing up important time, especially during busy season.”

Al Sartorelli, Alpha Real Estate

“Thanks for the 5 star customer service on a holiday weekend! Cheers!”

Ryan Dean Roberson, Radar Management & Rentals

“ShowMojo has been a life saver for us. We went from approximately 20 units two years ago to over 200 today. Without this service we would not be able to do what we are doing now.”

Rhett Tullis, Integrity Oklahoma

“Thanks for all your help. ShowMojo saved our sanity this summer, that is for certain.”

Julie Taylor, Westview Rentals

“I had an issue and even though it was not a ShowMojo problem, they addressed it.”

Christy Acuna, Park Place Property Management

“Thank you for your continuing improvements to the already great ShowMojo system. The Primary Agent feature truly is an exciting feature, especially since it comes just as the busy season is upon us. It is very easy to set up and we have it implemented.”

Larry Johnson, Rental Home KC

“We are huge fans of ShowMojo — we have been with you guys since the beginning. We saw you at a convention center and were impressed with the system. Especially in the last year when we were having fraud — you guys really listened and it was admirable how you handled it.”

Dan Hayes, Real Property Management Solutions

“I think ShowMojo is fantastic. In the past, whenever I saw the ShowMojo booth at a trade show I would make an effort to walk over and tell all the prospects in the booth they need your product. I also tell every PM I run into that ShowMojo is the only way to go. And I’ll be honest . . . I’ve taken calls from the “other guys” but I’ve never been sold. ShowMojo is the key component if you want to run a property management company and not let it run you.”

Brian Woolard, NestTenders Property Management

“Please let your team know that we deeply appreciate everything you guys have done and are doing!? Excellent customer service and you guys have thought of it all.”

Amanda Bailess, HomeRiver Group Triad

“ShowMojo has saved us so much time and money with showings/cancellations.”

Landon Murie, Goodjuju Management

“ShowMojo is a great scheduling system. It allows quick access to our listings and makes scheduling for prospective applicants a breeze. The lockboxes allow for multiple showings at multiple properties all at the same time. This is not only a self-sufficient item, but it allows for prospective applicants to still see the property even if our leasing agents are tied up with other showings at the same time.”

Amanda Desormeaux, Real Property Management Alamo

“ShowMojo PHONE has saved me a ton of money in payroll costs on a receptionist. It has also helped stay current with the times with text confirmation, follow-up with feedback, etc. I’m tickled with the service.”

Stacy Corrigan, Peace of Mind Property Management & Real Estate, Inc.

“I’m a one-man operation with 31 units. Not taking phone calls is a huge time saver.”

Elan Yaniv, Yaniv Holdings

ShowMojo spent time going over all of the security features and helping us set them up. Your customer service is wonderful!”

Courtney Van Horn United Properties of West Michigan

“We are renting a lot of our properties now with ShowMojo, more than what we have rented before, to include our troubled properties that have been on the market more than 30 days. This program has been great and is an asset to our company.”

Tricia Best, Progressive Property Group, LLC

“I have been impressed over and over again with how easy this has made the job of leasing.? The call volume before was absolutely un-manageable.? Now I can simply send callers to the website and they love the idea of scheduling something based on their availability.? Craigslist posting has gone from a major thorn in my side to a very easy process with easy cut and paste HTML and even watermarked pictures to stop the scammers.? I could go on and on about all the ways this platform has helped my business!”

Erik Boltman, Real Property Management ? Last Frontier

“As a property manager focused on providing excellent service with a focus on technology and efficiency, ShowMojo has been one of the absolute best investments our company has made. We started with scheduling showings and doing in person showings and recently we moved on to the self-showings through their special lockboxes. So far it has been great. It saves at least 15 hours of in person showing labor per week and probably 10 hours of phone and email time per week. In addition it helps us rent out our homes faster because we can offer so many more showing times. I estimate we are getting 2-3 times more perspective renters going into our properties than our old process. As an industrial engineer and property manager, this is a software I cannot live without. We tried a few other providers of a similar service and we went with ShowMojo because it was so thorough and customizable.”

Matthew Burch, Feel Good Property Management

“ShowMojo takes a lead and converts it 100x easier than Rently, Tenant Turner, and Appfolio Guest Cards.”

Mark Abbott, Go Realty

“ShowMojo has completely changed the way that we do business. It has created efficiencies for us that have made other things possible without contributing additional resources.”

Phil Owen, OnSite PROS

“ShowMojo has drastically improved our property management company! All rental leads are captured and stored, and we can track the source of all leads. No leads go missed — they instantly receive a response and follow-ups from us. We no longer waste hours and hours of time going to a property if the lead has not confirmed an appointment. There are too many good things to write before my fingers get tired of typing! :)”

Andra Sandy, Secure Properties, LLC

“We have a small property management business and have been using ShowMojo for a few months now and it has made the process of scheduling appointments much more efficient. It works well for lower and higher income?properties, has enabled us to rent properties much more quickly than before, and enables us to get much faster feedback on where our leads are coming from. The web based software is very flexible and customizable if needed and?the support is fantastic. It is one of those products that you wonder how you lived without before.”

James B., San Diego County Property Management

“ShowMojo is a HUGE time saver. HUGE, HUGE, HUGE time saver!”

Melinda M., By the Beach Properties

“When we first launched with ShowMojo, we averaged around 40-50 on market listings. Now, we average around 10! Our listings turn over that fast! Thanks ShowMojo!”

Chett Judd, Real Property Management Rincon

“We are having a great time. We love ShowMojo. It really has made our lives easier for sure.”

Ryan J. Pinsch, RentalLink

“LOVE ShowMojo! ?The software is a GREAT timesaver!”

Scott Ficek, Rental Management Guys

“We love ShowMojo, it has been a lifesaver! We travel a lot and the scheduling platform has saved us so much time.”

Julie Foyle, Watchtower Property Co

“We love the program. It?s changed our lives!”

Scott Glascock, All County Colorado Springs Company