For the leasing agent of a private dorm building, spring and summer can be the best times of year and the worst times of year. Obviously, there is the excitement, the energy that comes from filling hundreds of units. Still, it can be a difficult time as well.

Before using ShowMojo, my friend Alexis, a leasing agent for a large private dorm, used to refer to this time as the “always ready period.” Every night from March to July her iPhone was by her pillow to respond to every call, email, and text that came her way.

Alexis’s husband simply called it “the sleepless period.”

Why was all this necessary? Let’s think about what average Generation NOW student renters are like.

  • These students have grown up continually “connected.” Information should come to them instantly; if it doesn’t they may simply seek another source.
  • From Facebook to texting to Twitter, these students have grown up with instant communication and expect it from all those with whom they come in contact.
  • They have short attention spans. They have short attention spans. They have short attention spans.

Your clients will not patiently wait for you to call back to arrange an appointment. They may not even want to wait at all. And should you make an appointment, they may not even remember to show up. Or to follow up after showing up.

No, the point isn’t that THEY are flakey. The point is that YOU can’t afford to be flakey.

Here’s a few things ShowMojo can do to make your life easier and allow you to dedicate yourself to other productive work during the showing period.

  • ShowMojo allows your prospective resident to INSTANTLY schedule a tour via a self-serve link, displaying your leasing agent’s true availability. ShowMojo then automatically sends a confirmation email to the prospect with the selected showtime and details about the unit.
  • ShowMojo will help you arrange showtimes in convenient clusters. Renting session no longer has to be calendar-coordinating nightmare for everyone.
  • ShowMojo will automatically request confirmation for each showing 24 hours in advance, and allow prospects to confirm by email or text. Hours saved. No shows obliterated. Enough said?
  • ShowMojo can automatically send follow-up emails after the showing. Remember, the key thing here is steady contact. If you aren’t staying in touch with your client, someone else will.

Now, with ShowMojo, Alexis and her husband sleep much better at night. ShowMojo can’t make any guarantees about insomnia, but it can at least let leasing agents rest easy knowing that they aren’t missing any potential listings.