When you refer someone to ShowMojo, everyone should win.

And they should win automatically, because, well, it would be completely ridiculous for the world’s first and only leasing automation platform to roll out a customer referral program that relied on anything more than a click on a referral link.

So, when a trusted company or colleague follows your ShowMojo referral link:

  • Your referral immediately saves $50 at sign up.
  • Your account gets a $50 credit after your referral is with ShowMojo for 45 days.
  • Your account gets another $50 credit after your referral is with ShowMojo for 145 days.

Ok, fine, we don’t care how well you know them. Or if you know them at all. Just buy them a drink and get them to follow that link and sign up. Our onboarding team will do the rest.

What’s this referral link we keep referring to? You’ll find it on the ShowMojo Help page in the Referral Program and Link section.

No, there is not a lot of fine print. If you enjoy perilous fine print, try LinkedIn. If you just want the details, try our KnowMojo article.

Yes, you need to be a customer to receive credits from the Customer Referral Program. How else could you vouch for ShowMojo?

No, there is no limit to the number of new customers you can refer.

And, no, this was not our more-big-news-coming announcement, so stay tuned for more.


Team ShowMojo


P.S. Just in case you missed it, be sure to check out our previous announcement on Live Answer (And 24/7 On Demand). That was big news.