Let’s Dig In

Pre-showing questionnaires now work with screening question restrictors.

The pre-showing questionnaire feature lets you take a quick showing over the phone. Then ShowMojo does the heavy lifting by following up with each prospect to get answers to your screening questions. Now, if the prospect doesn’t have all the right answers, ShowMojo ever-so-politely cancels the showing.

To enjoy this little slice of magic, go to the Schedule Settings page and Additional Settings section.

Tip of the hat to the Call Center Beta, since it’s the kind friend who introduced these two phenomenal features.



Add notes to each listing that display on the ShowMojo desktop and mobile Dashboards.

Only you and your showing agents see these notes. Add notes on the Listings page, in the Listing Options section.

You can view each note on the desktop Dashboard by hovering over the note on each listing. When viewing showings on the mobile dashboard, you’ll automatically see the listing note associated with the showing.



You can now set individual show windows to automatically include all listings on the “multiple listings that cannot share the same show windows” calendar.

We did receive the 2015 Marketing Dullard Award for giving that super cool calendar feature a completely ridiculous name.

But here’s the important part. With this new feature you can more easily manage all your availability in one calendar. For example, you can keep some show windows open for all your listings, but create a few more windows to target those listings that need extra availability. When a new listing is added to ShowMojo, it automatically becomes available in your all-listing show windows — without any change to your other show windows — and you don’t need to lift a finger.



ShowMojo has a new automated account setup process.

Haven’t signed up for ShowMojo yet? Well, now’s the time to experience self-serve account setup nirvana.

  • From setting up ShowMojo PHONE
  • To reconfiguring a bucketful of settings
  • To ordering CodeBoxes (if lockboxes are your thing)

Our new account setup process is like walking the red carpet into a whole new approach to leasing.

We probably oversold that. But it really is the ultimate goal.



And, look, there’s two tootsie rolls at the bottom.

Order your very own personalized ShowMojo PHONE greeting right from the ShowMojo PHONE section on the General Settings page. (A professional recording for $30. What’s your time worth to you?)

The Detailed Prospect Data report now includes the web site where each prospect came from when they came from a website ShowMojo could track. It’s the “referrer url” field. Use it along with the “lead source” field for some pretty powerful lead analysis.



That’s about it, minus all the bug fixes, usability updates, performance speed improvements, and Call Center upgrades we still cannot really discuss.


Team ShowMojo