Dr. Killjoy scored a major victory this week. After days of rumination we could come up with nothing silly, amusing, nor even mildly entertaining about a heatmap.

Can I use my lifeline now? Jon Stewart? Stephen? Anybody?

Fine. Here it is.


It’s a heatmap. What else is there to say?

  • It shows the last seven days of activity for your on-the-market listings
  • It tells which listings are getting renter love
  • More important, at a glance, it tells which listings need some extra attention so they get more renter love
  • It has not-so-ugly popup bubbles that give you details on listing activity
  • It has a listing selector and export button
  • It has links to showing feedback, and there’s another separate report dedicated to showing feedback
  • You can find your own heatmap by clicking on the new Reports menu item in ShowMojo

This is just another run-of-the-mill never-done-before sort of thing you’ve come to expect from us. So file it under most-lame-new-feature-anouncement-ever and get started on an early weekend.