And, we’re back. Wow, what a summer rental season! We hope ShowMojo is helping you make the most of it, while still getting a chance to live your life and enjoy summer. That really is the goal, isn’t it?

We’ve announced three awesome lightning features this week.

First up,office only screening questions. Do you need to keep track of details that you don’t want the prospect to see? For example: offline lead source, internal status reporting, prospect quality, or anything else? Well now you can. Just head over to the the General Settings page, add a screening question, and set it to office only.

You’ll always see it. The prospect never will.

Second, copy a calendar with all its settings. Yep, we’re trolling the Request a Feature page again. You’re welcome! Just click on the Calendar page, select the appropriate calendar, click Copy, and watch the magic happen.

So simple. So useful.

Third, we’ve added apply links to the listings in your ShowMojo gallery. This was a top feature request, and we listened.

Technically, we listened and added this feature a little while back. So we’re serving up a weeks-old lightning feature. But don’t worry. It still tastes fresh, and they’re best announced in threes.

Happy leasing!

Team ShowMojo


P.S. Just a reminder that our Dynamic Prospect Notification Beta is still open. Just drop us a note at and ask to be included.