With a Dash of Bombast.

Just a quick reminder – and an immediate letdown – there’s no Lightning Eureka here. Lightning features are just smaller updates done super fast.

Of course, we are hard at work on another batch of Lightning Eureka back in the Product Development Garage 2. Don’t ask what happened to PDG1. We’re still looking for it.

What’s in the Bag

First. Would you like to know when a showing agent misses a showing? ShowMojo can now email an alert whenever a prospect submits feedback that they were at the showing and the agent wasn’t. Just add any email address to the Feedback Survey section on the Communication Settings page. And, no, we don’t want to be there for that conversation.

Second. Do you use the Request a Document feature and request multiple documents? No, we didn’t think of that. Yes, someone had to tell us. Request a Document now notifies you on every document the prospect sends — not just the first.

Third. Do you use Properties to manage your listings and showing communication? Now you can review your leasing data that way too. All reports in the Reporting Dashboard can be filtered by property — except the Listings Heatmap because … well … it’s a map.

Last and least. Don’t like that our default Credit Card Verification feature allows debit and prepaid cards? It’s worked wonders thus far. But fine. You can decide what’s allowed for Credit Card Verification on your listings. Just head to the bottom of the Schedule Settings page.

Didn’t see anything you like? Give us another go next week. Your odds of winning are stratospherically higher than PowerBall.

Team ShowMojo