Let’s be clear about something. We’d prefer that no ShowMojo account pays commission to outside agents. We do believe that one of ShowMojo’s big value propositions is that leasing can be executed much faster, better and more cost-efficient with your own staff.

Don’t you like the smell of money?

But we also know that some property managers have business models (or local conditions) that rely on outside agents showing your listings. Each business tailors its processes to its particular situation. We get it. We do that too.

Hence, ergo, therefore, here’s a couple great new features to support third-party showing agents.

First, ShowMojo gives third-party agents a tailored scheduling experience. Your prospects still fill out the normal screening questions, with scheduling restrictors, credit card verification, document verification, or whatever other hoops of fire your pre-showing screening process requires. But now you can treat third-party agents special. They just provide their company name and their agent id and they are good to go. Sound interesting?

Head over to the Schedule Settings page and scroll down to Third-Party Agent Scheduling to check it out.

Second, you can now provide lockbox (and CodeBox) access only to third-party agents. So you can complete in-person showings for your prospective renters, but ShowMojo will provide outside agents with lockbox access so they can walk their clients through. How absolutely awesome is that!

Once you’ve enabled Third-Party Agent Scheduling, you can configure this option listing-by-listing in the lockbox settings on the Listings page.

Stay tuned. There’s more great features rolling out soon.

Team ShowMojo


Always Read the P.S. Support for third-party agents not moving your needle? What about bucket-loads of data? We just added a Detailed Prospect Data Report that even includes answers to screening questions. Just head over the the Other Data page in the Reporting Dashboard and fire it up.