First Up, Buildium Integration. Seriously, we’re skipping the intros today because this is just HUGE. Are you using Buildium? Are you using ShowMojo? Prepare to be amazed.

The ShowMojo Skunkworks team lodged this little black rocket under the Listing Import and Plug-ins tab on the Settings page. Just enter your Buildium username and password and watch ShowMojo:

  1. Import and update all your Buildium listings
  2. Add a schedule-a-showing button to each of the listings on your Buildium rental site
  3. Add schedule-a-showing buttons to your Buildium-generated Craigslist posts

Did we mention how cool this is? Did we?

Second, the Embedded Listings Page. Now practically anyone can add their ShowMojo listings to their rental website. Grab the code. Drop it into your site on your own. Or hand it to your developer if you must. Your on-the-market listings will automatically show on your website, with all the details up-to-date, and schedule-a-showing forms at the ready.

This little beauty is nestled just a few notches up from Buildium Integration on the Listing Import and Plug-ins tab.

Third, the Embedded Scheduler. Some landlords and property managers just don’t want their prospective tenants leaving their website — even to schedule a showing — and who can blame them? And that’s why we put together the Embedded Scheduler concept. This particular feature still requires some technical chops to implement, but we promise to fix that in the near future.

And we’re off to build even cooler stuff. When you have a free minute, drop a line and tell us how we’re doing.