We’re hard at work here at ShowMojo on some big new features. These aren’t them. Instead, here are three smaller, but incredibly useful, new features to help you get more out of ShowMojo

First up, Google Calendar Integration. Now all your new showings and showing updates can sync right to your Google calendar. No need to accept individual invites. We’ve made the setup super simple. Just go to the bottom of the General Settings tab on the Settings page.

Second, More Screening Questions. We’ve added new screening question options, so you can better tailor the questions you ask and the answers you get back. Ask about pets, move-in dates or roommates. Even create your own dropdown with custom answers. Screening question settings are located in the middle of the General Settings tab on the Settings page.

Third, More Craig-Proof Craigslist Templates. Ah, Mr. Newmark, we even have something here for you. By default our Craigslist templates no longer include the Other Places You Might Like sections. In some heavily populated areas, Craigslist doesn’t like them and will ghost or delete the posts without warning or notification. The Other Places You Might Like section does still work very well in many areas, so please turn them back on if they work well for you. The checkbox is conveniently located at the bottom of the Listing page.

That’s it. We’re off to building big stuff. And, as always, we love all the feedback we get from our customers. So please drop a line.