No-shows are the bane of many industries’ existences. In the world of residential rentals, where most landlords and leasing agents aren’t onsite, no-shows are not only annoying, but a huge waste of time. How many times have you gone to an out-of-way-showing and then waited and waited for a potential renter who never comes?

There are three main ways ShowMojo stops, or takes the pain out of, no-shows.

1. When a potential renter signs up for a showing through ShowMojo they are automatically sent an email with showing details (time, date, location, etc). If renters are anything like me during my recent move, they’ve probably called half a dozen landlords to schedule showings, taken down notes about each showing on the nearest scrap of paper, then tossed the scrap into their purse, pocket or onto their desk. By the time the showing rolls around they’ve either misplaced the details or forgotten about the showing altogether. If a renters have their showing details in their phone or email, they can’t get lost and renters can easily update their calendars as soon as they get the email.

2. Even with an email with all the details, some renters forget about their showing (out of sight, out of mind). So, ShowMojo automatically sends a confirmation 24 hours in advance. The confirmation email or text (the prospect gets to pick) prompts the potential renter to either confirm or cancel their scheduled showing. If the renter doesn’t respond, ShowMojo sends another confirmation request a few hours before the showing. If there’s still no response, it’s fair game to assume the showing is cancelled.

3. Lastly, ShowMojo uses a feature called Smart Show to cluster showtimes. So instead of allowing renters to schedule a scattering of showings throughout the day, Smart Show groups showings into clusters, and even double- or triple-books if that’s the thing for you (two people with the same showtime will likely show up at different times anyway). With Smart Show, even if you do have a couple of no-shows or cancellations, you’ll have other showings immediately before or after the no-show, making it almost insignificant to your overall schedule and productivity.

Nothing can stop no-shows altogether. But, by using ShowMojo, you can get pretty darn close.