We just rolled out a system-wide update to all listing (schedule-a-showing) pages. This is for desktop and notebook browsers, continuing the Mobile-Based Redesign that began last year. The poor-and-frayed Great Recession 2011 style is forever gone. In its place — you’ll find a harbinger of the roaring 2020s.

This Is Not Just about Pretty

Well, rather, this is not about just one flavor of pretty. Check out your Gallery and Branding Settings. You’ll now see five separate color controls — to fine-tune the listings and gallery pages to match your company’s branding.

Want a very flat modern look? Set your backgrounds to white. Then use a little color — not just black — for text.

Have you been using the ShowMojo design defaults? Have a look at your new listing pages. The default design is a perfect flat base upon which you can build.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. But keep in mind that your changes are immediately visible to the whole world.

Backwards Compatible

We have taken extra care to make this transition backwards compatible with the old design settings. While there are new page design options, there is no need to jump in and make immediate corrections.

Is your account set with a custom image that matches the old listing page header width? Then we have set your account to use a fixed-width listings page, to maintain the current look. If you have one of these accounts, please review our Transition Away from a Fixed-Width Design article. It’s easy.

Feedback Welcome

Frankly, we’ll be disappointed if we don’t hear something. A lot of effort and care went into this. Nonetheless, there are sure to be opportunities we overlooked.

Just remember these tips for highly-effective feedback. Use CAPS LOCK liberally. Pepper with exclamation points (preferably at least four in a row). Threaten to defenestrate an innocent bunny if you don’t get your way.


Team ShowMojo