Editor’s Note: If you don’t use lockboxes and don’t want to use lockboxes, then kudos to you. Just read Topic 1 and consider your reading done for the week.

Topic 1. We Built It That Way for a Reason — Double Booking

In our defense, there are many good reasons to allow people to double book themselves. Partners working as a single agent. Tenants doing the showing. Owners doing the showing. And many more.

We’re also aware that double booking caused by misconfigured settings has resulted in screaming at our support team. (Quick aside. Please don’t scream at the support folks. They are really competent people. And they do care and try.)

Never want to be double-booked on the same showtimes on two different listings no matter how complicated your calendars may be? Now there’s a setting for that. Just head over to the Schedule Settings page and scroll down to the last section. Give it a read, and turn it on.

Topic 2. We Built It That Way for a Reason — CodeBox Report

Truth be told, ShowMojo was first built to tackle the extraordinary complexity of in-person showings. For starters, see Topic 1. Then consider scheduling flexibility sufficient to address varied population densities, loose or restrictive pre-showing screening styles, landlord markets versus renter markets, SFR versus multifamily, high and low lead volume strategies, leasing team structure, individual showing agent preferences, and cardinal wind speed.

Lockboxes — and CodeBoxes — are just a couple more variables tossed into that fractile soup. We’re the first to admit that there’s more to do to help our customers manage lockboxes. And so we have.

Now, from a single page within ShowMojo, you can:

  • See your entire inventory of CodeBoxes in one place
  • Pull a code and schedule a showing for any CodeBox
  • Add, switch and remove CodeBoxes from listings

It’s all in the new CodeBox Report.

Topic 3. We Built It That Way for a Reason — Lockbox Showings on Calendars

Our initial lockbox users specifically wanted to see lockbox showings on their calendars. We understand that’s not the case for everyone. So head right back over to the Schedule Settings page, scroll down to the bottom, and check out that second setting. You can now choose whether or not ShowMojo publishes lockbox showings on your third party calendars.

Hope we helped to brighten the day for at least some of you!

Team ShowMojo