At ShowMojo we appreciate people who like to do things the old-fashioned way. Still hand-write letters instead of emailing? We think we’d like you. Using a good old-fashioned day planner instead of an online calendar? Right on.

There are many people, and we wouldn’t exclude ourselves from this list, who just like doing things their way, not the Facebook-generation way. More power to those people. They’re too few and far between for our taste.

In contrast, a huge percentage of the US population – the majority, perhaps – is tech-savvy and getting tech-savvier, which means businesses need to keep up. Unlike individuals who can choose to do things the old-fashioned way or to be on the cutting edge of every new trend, businesses don’t have an option. It’s keep up with the times or fade into the past.

Unfortunately, the rental industry seems to be falling behind the tech curve. Very few landlords are using technology, beyond simple online listings, to make the rental process easier for both themselves and their tenants. There are great services that allow tenants to automatically pay rent every month, fill out their application online, or schedule a showing online (that’s us, shameless plug!). Yet, most landlords continue to do things the old-fashion way, which costs them both money and time.

It’s time for the real estate world to join the 21st century. Because while the rental industry may be a bit slow, soon enough we’ll catch on and those who don’t take the leap will be left staring at a long list of empty units.