Did You Get the Email?

We sent one yesterday — titled ShowMojo Weekly Activity Summary — to tell you about the important activity on your account in the previous week. Moving forward, ShowMojo will send account activity summaries each Monday morning.

Didn’t get the email? (It is sent to the ShowMojo administrator.) Don’t want to wait for it? Want to see some date range other than the previous week?

Here’s your almost instant gratification. Just log in, swing over to the new High-Level Metrics Report, and get the same information in almost any date range you like.

Why almost? Well, that report is slow. It’s analyzing your entire account. It’s work.

About That Slowness, Plus Integrations

Did you know that ShowMojo connects with over 60 other systems? That’s importers, listing syndication, calendar synchronization, prospect export, geolocation services, CodeBox, email, phone, text, carrier pigeons and more.

That’s a lot to keep going, while building new features, and while acquiring ever more customers (for which we are hugely grateful).

For the last few weeks the product development team has been focused on a lot of behind the scenes stuff to make the ShowMojo experience better for everyone.

Here are a few hot spots:

Importer improvements. From RentManager to Buildium to Appfolio and Propertyware, we’ve been improving the way data is brought into ShowMojo and the importer setup experience for customers.

Calendar synchronization. Who could’ve guessed that Google’s API would tell us that access had expired on random accounts when it really hadn’t? And multiple times on the same account no less? Causing customers to needlessly disconnect and reconnect? Or that Outlook would go Ballmers again just for lack of attention? We’ve already made things better there, and we are still doing more.

CodeBox setup and access code provisioning. On any given day, only one third of one percent of CodeBoxes have issues pulling access codes. But, wow, when a CodeBox doesn’t work that’s a big deal. We’ve made updates and are trying to get that daily issue percentage to zero. (Note: this doesn’t include local CodeBox setup issues like wrong dates, altered showing windows or forgotten master codes. 🙁 We’re aware of those, and working to help there too, but that’s always going to be a collaborative effort with each customer.)

General dashboard and report slowness (see above). That’s our Sisyphian struggle. In the last month, we have made real progress pushing the site-speed boulder out of a ditch. And we are doing our best to keep it from rolling back down over us.

Schedule an Account Check In

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Team ShowMojo