Frankly, we just got tired of saying: “ShowMojo automates your leasing process from the moment you start marketing to the point each prospect applies.

You might as well try to repeat “Sally sells short sales by the sea shore.” three times fast.

Meanwhile: ShowMojo automates your entire leasing process — now that is kinder on the ears and thinner on the pocketbook.

YABA: Yet Another Big Announcement

ShowMojo has built the foundation of a best-in-class rental application platform. There’s no funny business about it. (And even we are at a loss for a self-deprecating punch line.)

Here’s the skinny on the application form:

  • You decide what sections to include in the application: employment, other income, pets, vehicles, references, occupants — we’ve got it all.
  • You decide what individual questions are mandatory, optional, or not needed.
  • You decide what additional custom questions you want to ask.

Your prospective renters get a streamlined application form. They can even return to it when life interrupts.

And you receive an email both when an application is started and when it is completed. Today, ShowMojo just accepts the application. You pick it up from there.

YABA: Yet Another Beta Adventure

We’re just getting started. There’s some obvious next big steps we’re grinding toward — and all of you head-of-class property managers and owners can easily guess at those.

Want to be a part of it?

ShowMojo’s application functionality is ready for use today. Or just join the beta and evaluate.

But don’t forget the beta club rules:

  • You get access to the features. Feedback is expected.
  • Updates to the features will be made mid-beta.
  • We test everything before we give you access to it.
  • Limited unforeseen outcomes can occur.
  • What happens in fight club stays in fight club.

To join the Rental Application Beta just reply to this email with your account name or account email address. Even simpler, just submit a ticket on the Help page and ask to be included in the beta.


Team ShowMojo


P.S. Going to NARPM National or RMUC 2017? Please swing by our booth and say hi.