Yes, we did almost blow up the garage. But first, some house-keeping. Our Screening Question Restrictors are out of beta. Yep, that’s what we’re calling them. And now they’re available on all accounts.

Disallow showings based on pets. Automatically screen based on income (as a multiplier of monthly rent). Or create your own custom “restrictor” questions.

Just hop over to the General Settings page, scroll down to Screening Questions on Schedule a Showing, and go nuts.

Wait, no. Best to exercise some restraint here. Overzealous screening questions (too many or too private) can restrict your showing volume far more than you might like. Here’s a great rule of thumb: don’t ask anything your mother wouldn’t feel comfortable answering.

Second, some amazing news. We’re about to take the wraps off our next beta: Dynamic Prospect Notifications. 

What’s that? Can you say it three times fast? How does it work?

  • When you reduce rent on a listing ShowMojo will automatically email all the leads (and showings) that inquired on the listing in the last month.
  • When you put a listing on market ShowMojo will automatically notify any lead who inquired on a similar listing within the last month.
  • It’s all completely automatic if you’re importing your listings from another service. And if you use ShowMojo to manage your listings, it’s also super-simple.
  • Each email includes information about the update and encourages the prospect to either schedule a showing or submit an application.

How’s that for awesome?

Ok. We know the Dynamic Prospect Notifications name blows. What do you expect? This is from the same folks that chose ShowMojo. We’ll see if we can dream up something more bombastic during the beta.

Finally, this is an open beta. It’s available to anyone, just send us an email at with your account name and ask to be included.

Team ShowMojo