Did you know that, at 10 cents a message, it’s cheaper for NASA to communicate with the Hubble Telescope than for you to text “I’ll be there in five”?

Well, now that our telecommunication overloads have mostly stopped charging inter-galactic rates for text messaging, ShowMojo is rolling out a couple big text-based features that everyone can afford.

First, ShowMojo can automatically text a schedule-a-showing link in response to listing site inquires that include the prospect’s phone number. So, for example, your prospect completes an inquiry form on Homes.com — then BING! comes a schedule-a-showing link for that listing on their phone. Now that’s galactic.

Second, you can compose and send text messages with schedule-a-showing links directly from the leads filter on the ShowMojo dashboard. Got a prospect on the phone and need to send them a schedule-a-showing link? Done in a moment.

But, alas, text messages are still not completely free. So there are a couple caveats to this functionality — both during and after the beta:

  1. The account must have a ShowMojo PHONE number
  2. The account cannot be on one of our legacy unlimited showing plans (if you don’t know what that is, you’re probably fine)

That’s it — the only catch. Interested in joining our Text Messaging Beta? Just send us an email.